10 Magicians Who Died Tragically While Performing

Magicians, illusionists, mentalists, escapes artists—they all have their element of danger, which is what makes them exciting to watch. Unfortunately not everyone makes it out of their trick alive. Here are 10 performers who were killed performing deadly feats.


Photo: mentalfloss
The wife/assistant of a Polish magician had a routine where she faced a firing squad of six soldiers.

In the early 19th century, rifles were loaded by biting open a cartridge, pouring the gunpowder in the barrel, then jamming the rest of the cartridge down the barrel with a ramrod. In the DeLinsky version of the trick, the soldiers were shills, paid and secretly instructed to bite away the whole bullet and load in a blank. in Germany before a royal court, the fatal incident occurred when one of the riflemen apparently got nervous and reverted to his usual way of loading the gun. When the bullet hit Madame DeLinsky in the abdomen, several audience members fainted. The Madame died two days later.

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