Newborn Twin Goes Viral For Soothing Her Crying Brother!

Just in case if you need more proofs that twins have the most wonderful bond…

In the past few days, a 40-second video of infant twins turned into their bed has taken the web by storm. YouTube user ‘Twin Mom’ put down her six week old twins for a sleep while the infant baby monitor caught the most delightful interaction. ‘My six week old disturbed when I went in the other room so his twin sister dealt with the situation,’ she composed on YouTube.

While the baby girl is resting on her side, her twin brother isn’t discovering it so easy to drift off. What’s more, exactly when she’s going to get some serious close-eye, her twin brother begins to shout out, disturbing her rest. If you notice her thumb, and how she holds it to his mouth until he understands he can utilize it as a binky. By sucking on his sister’s thumb, he’s ready to calm down and quit crying. How adorable is this?!

The sweet clip is now a web sensation and has collected more than 30,000 views in only a couple days. While some commenter’s say this current mother’s girl is being defensive and attempting to help her brother relax, others call it a “cheerful occurrence.” Whatever it is, it’s charming!

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