A Group Of Bakers Decided To Block The Traffic Just To Do THIS!

This puppy found its way in middle of a busy highway in Brazil. With the constant stream of cars, its fate would’ve been very awful if it wasn’t for the brave acts of the biker gang which pulled an incredible feat.

They used their motorcycles to form a line and prevent the incoming traffic, giving the puppy a clear path to run. It was very scared however and constantly kept running away from them as they tried to catch it. Then it proceeded to run the next lane where traffic was still going freely, and the biker recording the video ran forward to stop traffic there as well.

They had risked their lives in this effort but have finally managed to catch the scared puppy which had no idea what was happening around it. Thanks to the bikers’ efforts the puppy is alive and reunited with its owner. We are extremely proud of them. Share this story with your friends, and tell us your thoughts bellow.

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