Adele Goes Undercover as an Adele-Wannabe

Adele Performs as Herself

We’ve all had time to watch Adele rise to stardom on the world stage, we all know she is a class act with a good sense of humor. She went on the Ellen Show and pulled off a fun prank on the employees of the local Jamba Juice, she was candid and fun on Car Kareoke with James Coden and her interviews are lighthearted and enjoyable.

Well in case you missed it, about 10 months ago Adele teamed up with the BBC to pull off a great prank. Adele went undercover to audition as a cover singer of herself.

There is a big market for Adele cover singers to perform in small venues and bars as nightly entertainment. At the particular audition that Adele participated in, there were about 10 women whom seem experienced in Adele- themed performance. They each were instructed to sing an Adele song in front of a group of judges who would then choose the one who most fit the part. As the participants finished their turns, they’d take to the audience  With a slight disguise Adele was able to hide her true identity and hang out just like the other girls auditioning. They were all back stage, chit-chatting and talking of nerves and watching the others perform.  Adele was posing as a nanny named Jenny who happened to be extremely nervous. She and the other girls hung out back stage as they watched the others take their turns. Jenny was last in line. The other girls did their best to mimic her mannerisms and personality.  They’re obviously big fans of Adele and have committed much of their time and energy to transforming themselves to look and sing like the iconic singer.

After each girl performed, they took a seat in the audience to watch those who were to perform after them. They were all seated in the audience when Jenny came out to sing. You can watch as they go from confusion, to disbelief, to shock and excitement. These might be some of the truest and most intense fans and they get to have a surprise front row concert! See it for yourself:


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