Amazing Doctors Team Up To Deliver Mom’s High-Risk Twins!

While Jasmine was expecting twins, her life changed significantly at the point when an especially unusual kind of pregnancy threatened her infants. Jasmine’s baby girls were in the same sac with twisted cords. Actually, Baby B even had the cord wrapped around her neck as the embryos developed.

Following 12 weeks under observing in Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborn’s Perinatal Special Care Unit in San Diego, Dr. Lorraine Stanco and Dr. Philip Diamond chose it was time to deliver Jasmine’s infants through a planned C-section. “In this condition one or both infants might die rapidly,” said Dr. Jewel. Thankfully, the delivery was successful!

Through the C-area, specialists saw the twisted umbilical cords and paused for a minute to snap a picture, which they showed to Jasmine once the infants were delivered. “It was unbelievable how tangled the cords were,” one of the specialists says. The babies had survived complete entanglement, and Jasmine delivered them right on time.

When everything was finished, the nurse placed Jasmine’s twins in her arms. The marvel sisters could see each other out on the planet for the first time, and they even hold their hands. This medical team made such an astonishing job.

NOTE: The video bellow contains picture of a live birth and may be upsetting for some watchers.

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