Awesome Employees Defend a Breastfeeding Woman From Harassment!

At a Target in Connecticut, this lady stopped shopping and started feeding her hungry baby.  There was a man standing in a nearby line that started harassing her loudly and called her a “whore.” Target employees and other people rapidly came to protect her. Watch this video to see this horrible situation and the good individuals who immediately tried to help her.

For the last few years, public breastfeeding has been a hot-button problem. Some individuals believe it’s improper for a mother to show her breast to feed, while others individuals view it as an ordinary thing – when babies get hungry, they don’t choose the place or time.

Regardless of what do you think about this, it is very rude to yell on somebody in public. It is terrible that this man called this mother a whore, started abusing her and even requested a refund from the restaurant.

As one of the people said, “If he doesn’t like it, he can leave.”

It’s truly phenomenal that these individuals wanted to defend this mom, who probably was concerned and embarrassed for her baby’s safety. It was a very rude situation and we hope to be the last.

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