Awesome Group Of People Saved a Trapped Orca on the Coastline!

Killer whales or orcas are rare and beautiful thing to see in the wild. Very intelligent and sometimes aggressive carnivores, these sea mammals are the biggest members of dolphin family. They earned their name “killer” from the way they communicate with each other to adequately prey upon sea lions, squids, seals and many other sea animals.

But even this powerful sea creature needs some help to survive when it gets stranded on the coastline. Watch this video to see how this group of strangers cares for this enormous animal for almost eight hours.

On July 23, 2015, in the British Columbia coast, a man heard a crying noise outside his home. When he looked outside, he saw an orca stranded on the rocks during low tide. Immediately he called animal rescuers.

The rescue group named Guardians and For Whales went to the orca’s aid, covering her in tarps and blankets and keeping her frequently moist so she wouldn’t perish from death by cold.

Following eight hours of tending to the orca, the tide finally rose sufficiently so that the orca could pleasantly swim away.

This was an amazing thing these rescuers did, sparing a pure creature from a horrible death. And much better, the rescuers said they could tell that the female orca knew she was being helped. When she was swimming away, they said there was a minute where she was practically expressing gratitude toward them for their assistance.

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