Caught On Tape: Swordfish Tries To Stab Diver! (VIDEO)

So what happens if you’re a deep sea diver and suddenly from behind you, in the depths of the ocean, a crazed swordfish spears you at full speed? If it punctures your suit you can drown. If it punctures your breather, you could suffocate. It’s something that would never cross your mind, yet here is the incredible video to prove it. The footage was shot by a fellow diver off the coast of Brazil as the two
were walking along the ocean floor in total darkness except for the lights of their work sub. w Thats hen the five-foot attacker comes blazing out of the darkness and impales the diver’s oxygen equipment.

The fish successfully wedged its spear into the the diver and can be seen thrashing about as it attempts to get free from the diver’s equipment. The whole time the diver can’t believe what was happening as he couldnt see his attacker. Later he said he thought a shark was attacking him but when he finally got to the submersible and was able to free himself, that’s when he saw the swordfish. Attacks on humans are not unheard of and last year alone, one man in Hawaii was impaled through his leg when he attempted to bring a large swordfish aboard his boat after catching it during a fishing trip. In another fish-related attack, a Malaysian man was killed by a swordfish in 2004 when it jumped out of the water and and impaled the fisherman in the chest.

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