Couples Costumes to Consider this Halloween

Costumes, coupled.
A few ideas to consider this season.

Each year we try to get creative and find the best costume for the festivities of the Halloween season. It’s hard trying to be creative. Some people love it and others view it more as an obligation. Couple costumes make things a little bit easier. Whether you pair up with your significant other or just a good friend, there is power in numbers. The two of you can put your heads together to come up a great costume idea, you can share the responsibility of making/ sourcing the outfits. The best part is that if your costume is a total bust, at least the two of you are in it together. It’s much easier to be embarrassed with a friend.

Hunter and Deer

Just like the deer makeup, this might be a bit played out. But who cares!? This is a simple two part outfit that can be as plain or as complicated as you choose!




Batman and Robin

This classic combination speaks for itself. It works for any type of gender combo and everyone will know exactly who you are. It’s an easy buy at the store type of costume.\



This SNL skit was absolutely amazing and has stood the test of time on the comedic front. A great costume for a duo.


Fire Fighter and Dalmatian

A cute puppy and a manly firefighter, how perfect!


Cruella de Vil and Dalmatian

Speaking of dalmatians, this is a fun twist! You can easily mix up who is who as well.


Gomez and Morticia Addams

You could easily make this outfit happen in a matter of minutes.


Nick and Jess (New Girl)

Season five of New Girl was recently released on Netflix. We all know Nick and Jess aren’t together but they are an adorable, recognizable duo.


Cop and Robber

Simple, classic, timeless.


Pam and Jim (The Office)

Who doesn’t want to represent a love story like this. It’s the new American classic.


Elliot and Gertie (ET)

Throwback! ET was a great movie of its time and that reputation stands true. This costume is awesome.


Danny and Sandy

Easy peasy, this one.


Bonnie and Clyde

This badass duo is an easy costume repeat.



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