Emotional Ad Shows The Power Of Courage When You Least Expect It!

At times, bravery is shown in ways we least imagine it. This new advertisement is getting lots of attention online for its strong and motivating message.

The promotion for Advantage Humans, entitled “Courage,” might be short and basic — yet it does its job phenomenally. We meet a secondary school student who pulls up to the home of his prom date. It’s interesting to see that how nervous he is to see the young lady who has plainly got him affected, and it’s a sentiment with which so many of us can relate. As he collects the courage to walk up to the entryway and ring the bell, viewers tensely await their meeting and imagine their night of laughing, dancing, and stolen kisses. But minutes later, the camera shows a surprise. It isn’t the anxious high school kid who is most fearless on prom night, but instead his astonishing date.

Advantage Humans says, “We’re just human. We depend on our bravely. The sort of strength that shows up when we require it… and when growth is least expecting it.”

The promotion’s message is “Keep in mind the power of our humanity,” and this video truly brings that message. Don’t forget to share this on Facebook with your friends and family!

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