Family Of Five Sings Original Gospel Song Straight From Their Car!

We have seen numerous “auto ride karaoke” shows before, but something like this – never! Toddrick and his wife, their two little girls, and their baby boy — were recently parked near their church when they chose to kill some time. Father turned on the camera and continued to film his family singing a unique gospel melody called “Great God,” which they composed and arranged themselves.

Only a few moments into the melody, and I was surprised. This family is so unbelievably talented! Their harmonies are impeccable, and every family member has such a wonderful voice. I adore how they share out the lead vocal so everyone gets a turn to belt it out. I mean, even their cute baby can keep a drum beat better than many people! Watch this video until the end, when he finishes the melody with adorable darn drum roll you have ever heard…

It’s no big surprise this video rapidly became famous online. Now, the family is planning to record this melody as a single. I can hardly wait to hear more from them, without a doubt.

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