From Now On, Dogs Can Wear Braces And Look 10 Times Cuter Than Us!

Apparently, the braces drama is not restricted to teenagers only. Meet Wesley, the dog who became famous on the internet due to his cute braces photo. Like a bad flashback, he will one day have that photo to display of the days he had to wear braces and didn’t like them at all.

Wesley and his owner Molly as a pup

Before the dental procedure

This story follows Wesley, a puppy who was born with a bad teeth positioning which prevented him from fully closing his mouth. This led to a lot of issues, he was unable to play with any of his toys and was losing weight due to not being able to eat and chew his food properly.

He deserves a chance at a life without pain, so when his family took him to the vet, they found the perfect solution. Under anesthesia, he had braces placed on his teeth to fix their position. We hope he recovers soon and starts enjoying life to the fullest.

The braces procedure

Molly’s father has managed to complete the procedure of installing dog braces

Here it is, the famous photo of Wesley wearing braces and looking hilarious

Feeling shy from taking photos in his new appearance. In a few months he will be back to smiling and being happy again

Another braces selfie

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