Homeless Dog Found In Garbage Becomes A Lion He Deserves To Be!

When Julie Marie Werner, a Germen photographer, found a scruffy destitute canine looking for food in her trash in Spain, she fell in love with him very quickly. While other individuals saw only a destitute pooch, she saw a fearless small lion, and she now wants the world to impart her vision to this inspiring series of photos.

The charming dog model is named Tschikko Leopold von Werner, and the project is called Grossstadtlowe, which signifies “Enormous City Lion”. Furthermore, it’s obvious from these photos; he truly looks like the king of the (urban) wilderness! Julie believes that Tschikko was left to fight for himself after being thrown from an auto in Spain. He’s making some amazing progress since then and not just emotionally as well as topographically, as after choosing to adopt him Julie took Tschikko back to live with her in Germany.

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