Horse And Dog Show Exactly What It Means To Be Best Friends Forever!

Surprisingly, many individuals don’t believe that animals truly have feelings. If you know individuals who think that, then you must show them this amazing video.

This horse’s owner notices something strange about him. Bourbon Brown, a 4 year old Quarter Horse stallion may look huge and tough, but when you get to know him much better, you will see that he’s the best companion that anybody would ever want to have!

That is because his best companion in the entire world is Lucy, a 2 year old dog. Lucy loves to chase and be chased by Whiskey Brown, and believe it or not, but this horse also loves to do the same.

Whiskey Brown’s owner joyfully expresses that he’s watched this video too many times, and he’s so appreciative to have such a stunning animal in his life. Regularly, this horse will act like a giraffe and wrap his neck around his owner. Whiskey Brown also loves to randomly keep running at full gallop, and when you see how much room he has to walk, you’ll know why!

While this horseplay around might look somewhat exceptional at times, the proprietor plainly expresses that these two have grown up together throughout the years and have been raised together. Once in a while the horse thinks he’s a dog, and some of the time the dog thinks she’s a horse!

Watch this video to see what true friendship is, and see evidence that animals have emotions like joy, happiness and adoration.

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