She Gives This Puppy a Stack of Bowls. What the Puppy Does Next Is Incredible!

Much the same as infants need to play with puzzles and toys to help their brain development; puppies should be rationally stimulated, as well! We may not generally consider them this way, but rather puppies are much the same as infants, and they require the same mental and physical activities to help them grow properly. What’s more, what motivates a puppy more than anything? You got it – treats! When this lady puts a stack of dishes next to the puppy, he knows precisely what to do, and unravels the “puzzle” easily! Watch him in the video.

Truly, I was somewhat confounded at first. In any case, Tripp, the 4-month-old golden retriever puppy doesn’t waver for a minute.

Tripp realizes that he needs to lift every dish and put it to the side to get his astonishment treat inside. This continues endlessly, until he comes up short on dishes and out of treats! And soon thereafter, he starts to get anxious and brings an empty dish to his owner for more.

Interesting puzzle!

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