She Made A Million Dollar Wedding Dress…For 30$ Only!!

Commuting is horrible and the time spent on a crowded bus waiting to get home is something that we all wish would pass by as quickly as possible. To do so, we often distract ourselves by reading or playing games. Chi Krneta however has found a different and unique way to deal with her 50 minute commute to work.

Her decision was to honor her grandmother and what she has taught her by crocheting her own wedding dress. She has only spent $30 on the materials and it took her five months of daily 50 minute working intervals to finish the dress. The results however, are absolutely amazing.

Krneta has put all her efforts to crochet her own wedding dress

She has designed the pattern herself and finished the entire lace for the dress herself

The finished dress looks absolutely stunning

She looks gorgeous wearing it

It is unconventional but her way of dealing with an annoying routine has yielded an incredible result. Did you enjoy this post? Tell us what you think of Krneta’s dress in the comments.


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