She’s Trying to Train Her Dog by Offering a Treat. Keep Your Eyes on the Baby!

Dogs are very intelligent creatures (particularly breeds like this cute puppy, a golden retriever) and can do some truly interesting tricks if bribed with some cookies. This lady is attempting to prepare her dog to balance a treat on his nose, then flick the treat up and get it in his mouth. The dog looks very happy– but there’s one little issue. They have a little thief between them! Watch this video and just look at the child.

Poor dog! He’s making such an incredible job, doing precisely what he’s being requested to do, but when he starts with his trick, the child has stolen his treat!

The little kid is very cute, but the dog looks very confused, it’s very sad.

Actually, these are not a real dog treats. It’s some kind of bread that is perfectly safe for this little boy to steal and eat.

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