Surfs Up Bro: Get Hooked On Mason Ho Interviews

Social media is trending towards surf new today as the best male surfers in the world compete on the world stage in Portugal at the Rip Curl Pro contest. John John Florence is really making a name for himself as he forges his way into the number one spot and the hashtag #johnjohn is trending.

Most people are fair weather fans when it comes to surfing. The sport is completely off of their radar until a big, exciting contest comes around. As with most sports, when it is presented in the form of live entertainment, people become interested.  Hence the popularity of the Olympic games. Whether you fall under the category of fair weather fan or die-hard surf addict, its not hard to appreciate when the best athletes in the world of any given sport compete. As for me, I am a fair weather surfing fan. Really, I know nothing about the sport but I can appreciate the intense level of athleticism and commitment it takes to be successful.

There is one particular surfing video that comes to mind when I think of surfing. It’s titled “Pipe Reflections with Mason Ho and Pete Mel.” It is a very brief interview with surfer Mason Ho during a contest. The Hawaiian born surf pro might just confirm all the stereotypes that exist about surfers in a mere 3 minute interview. Apparently Mason Ho has a reputation for the most entertaining interviews in the surf community. It only takes a quick Google search or uproot more hilarity via interview. Mason Ho was born into a legendary surfing family and has been completely engulfed in the surf scene all of his life. One article about him is entitled “Mason Ho Gave the Best and Most Utterly Incomprehensible Post Heat Interview Ever” another “Mason Ho on the Art of Being a Shameless Snake.” Admittedly, I might be on some sort of Mason Ho interview watching binge. This is the one that got me hooked. Enjoy.

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