Surprising Jobs That These 10 Celebrities Took When They Retired From Acting

Everyone has to retire eventually, even our favorite actors.We dug around a little and found 10 stories of some famous(and infamous) celebrities that moved on from the professions that made them famous. Some of the jobs are eye openers for sure!

Jeff Cohen

Chunk Then and Now Jeff Cohen interview TV Store Online Blog
My favorite Goonie of all-time was the wise cracking and classic kid “Chunk.”His real name was Jeff Cohen and I never saw another film with him and always wondered what had become of the adorable little kid. Well he done good. Cohen is now an attorney and the founder of Cohen Gardner, LLP.

David Faustino

Our favorite actor from Married With Children, Bud Bundy quite the business in the early 2000’s and has since gone on to own a nightclub in Los Angeles called Balistyx. Fun fact: Balistyx was his RAP album from 1992! Ha!

Lou Reed

Lou Reed became famous for his gender bending image and heartfelt songs in the Velvet Underground. But did you know there was a two year period where he worked for his dads accounting firm? Yeah, Reed was so over the music industry at one point, he quit and decided to crunch numbers with his dad. He eventually returned to music and became a legend. RIP.

Harrison Ford


Ford quit the the acting business just after wrapping up the classic film American Graffiti. he decided that working as a carpenter was more fulfilling. All was going well till he got a call to come read for a little film called Star Wars. He never hammered another nail again.

Gene Hackman

photo: Biography

Gene Hackman played some amazing characters in Superman, Unforgiven and Enemy of the State. Once retired from acting he went on to write five novels. Not a bad way to enjoy ones golden years.

Kevin Johnson

KJ was one of the best point guards in the NBA during his tenure with the Phoenix Suns. After 15 successful years he retired and soon became the mayor of Sacramento, California.


Terry Chimes


Terry Chimes was once the drummer for the finest punk rock band in the world; The Clash. But after the success faded he turned to something else to make his living. For the past 20 years, Chimes has made his living as a chiropractor.


Jesse “The Body” Ventura


Everyone’s favorite wrestler and actor (See his role in predator…”I ain’t got time to bleed.”)had enough of Hollywood and turned his sights on something else. From 99-03′ Ventura served as the Governor of Minnesota.


Dan Lloyd

Remember that super creepy kid from the Shining? Well his short lived movie career ended and when he grew up he spent some time bouncing around at Walmart and as a pig farmer. Luckily he got his act together and became a science teacher at a community college. I wonder if his students know about his amazing role in the Stephen King classic?


William Hung

Remember this guy? Way back in season 3 of American idol, the aloof but lovable disaster known as William Hung made an appearance on the show. He was so bad, he became famous and recorded a song called “She Bangs.” Well, Hung righted his ship, gave up singing and became a technical crime analyst at the LA County Sheriff’s Dept.



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