Teachers Put On A Hilarious ‘Single Ladies’ Dance During School’s Pep Rally

Probably you know how much pep rallies at school are interesting. For one important thing, you got the opportunity to miss class toward the day’s end. Those funny events and performances have an extra cherry on top of that.

The cheerleaders take the floor to do some of their dances, and a dance squad or two will turn out to perform a couple of times. Perhaps if your school has comedy clubs, they’ll turn out to perform some improve or a sketch that demonstrates some school spirit.

And sometimes, teachers join in to the show. Everybody had those teachers who felt like as much of a companion as a power figure. Often, these are the teachers from whom kids take in the most, because they’re ready to engage their students on a much more profound level than the individuals who essentially stand before the class and give lectures without context.

In the time of this pep rally, two teachers wore funny wigs to host the entire thing. And then when it was about to finish, they had a surprise for their students.

There were only a couple of minutes left, however they were going to act one more time.

When they come out, the entire school already loves it. At that point, the two host teachers have one more surprise for them.

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