Teen Cancer Survivor Gets Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer!

When the infamously hard judge of American Idol and now America’s got Talent, Simon Cowell, jumps out of his chair immediately to applaud, you know that you have a vocalist worth listening to. Cowell’s entire shtick (or perhaps it’s truly only him, the world may never know) is sometimes being scandalously hard to dearest artists on his different reality/rivalry shows. He’s sort of the “awful cop” of the judging table. So when he says “I adore every little thing about you,” to the vocalist in this video, you know you must hear her!

16-year-old Calysta Bevier is from Ohio. Calysta was diagnosed cancer-free after fighting Stage 3 ovarian cancer months before trying out for America’s Got Talent,

He chose the Fight Song because of her disease, and it’s much more intense to listen. Truly, you will cry while listening to her wonderful voice sings this profoundly significant melody.

After being singing her beautiful melody, Calysta was given Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer – for the individuals who don’t watch the show, every judge is given one opportunity to send somebody straight to the last round with their “Brilliant Buzzer.”

This extremely talented teen girl, who has gone through so much in her life, unquestionably deserves this extreme applause from the hardest judge of all!

You did it well, Simon.

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