The Most Adorable Old Couple and Their Commercial Filming Bloopers!!

I stumbled upon this video on my Facebook wall, maybe you did the same. Although it is three years old it is recently catching momentum as a viral video. With youtube completely saturated with videos and video compilations on every subject, I guess filtering through to find the real gems takes time. This adorable couple, likely not professional television stars, were chosen to film a commercial to promote Desert’s Restaurant, apparently a family style restaurant in Maine. We can guess that this is probably a low-budget commercial to advertise locally. It takes place in the restaurant to be featured where the couple are posed as patrons eating at the restaurant. Judging by their comfort and demeanor, I’d guess they were regulars at the spot and this scripted role wasn’t too far off from reality. The couple had a difficult time with the apparent one-line script. Their charisma and charm was definitely captured on the camera but not as the directors had hoped. The old man stumbles over and struggles with the tongue-twiting wording as his wife rolls her eyes nearby. It’s really quite adorable and I’d bet it has you trying to recite the line “buttery flaky crust” just to see that you can. He stumbles and struggles as his wife mumbles at how ridiculous it is that he is messing up something so simple. So they give her a shot… To her absolute shock and amusement, she messes it up too! These two have clearly been together for years and are an adorable couple. They had me cracking up in the first 15 seconds! I don’t know if they had any idea how popular their commercial outtakes would become but for some reason they make me want to grow old with someone. Sappy, I know. Check it out for yourself, you’ll want to befriend these two. Hello adoptive grandparents!


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