The World’s Smallest Horse Is Helping Humanity On The Most Surprising Way!

Itty Bitty Hope is only 14 inches tall and has tied the world record for the smallest horse ever born. But her small size isn’t the only thing that sets this tiny foal apart from other horses. Since her birth in June 2015, her owners Linda and Jim Wood, wanted to get Itty Bitty trained and registered as a therapy horse, so she could bring some happiness and comfort to both adults and children who are fighting different diseases. The therapy program is called Mini Hooves of Love. This non-profit organization gives people who are living in hospices, nursing homes, shelters and hospital to interact with these miniature horses in an attempt to improve their quality of life.

Studies have found that any interaction with therapy animals helps to improve hearth health, blood pressure, depression, mental health, overall physical pain and anxiety.

Because of Itty Bitty Hope’s extra small size, the Woods are hoping she may be one of the more effective therapy horses. She can fit into most buildings and be adorably cradled like an infant.

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