These 20 Kids Are Masters At Hide And Seek…Well Not Really!

Kids are funny at just about everything they do. With that in mind, hide and seek should strike as no different. Because of their inexperience, they often think that if they partially hide their body they will not be visible. Due to the fact that they don’t understand this, it results in some hilarious hiding locations.

1. At first this little champion actually manages to make you believe that it is just the crocodile propped against the wall

2. Almost invisible. Just needed darker socks and camouflage would’ve done the trick

3. A plastic bucket or an invisible shield?

4. Be careful not to confuse him as a part of the couch. A true master of disguise

5. The pesky concept of the shadow is what the problem here is.

6. Another problem with backlight, why can’t it just play along?

7. If I can’t see them, they can’t see me!

8. How on Earth did she manage to fit there?

9. Perfect hiding spot, blends right in.

10. The blanket duo makes sure you don’t suspect a thing.

11. Lie down and stay quiet. Nobody will notice you for sure. 

12. If only those curtains were a bit longer.

13. That stack of books is a proper hiding location

14. A true rug rat

15. The left or right compartment would’ve made him totally invisible.

16. I am a toy and therefore cannot be found.

17. Blankets seem to be the thing.

18. Play dead and they won’t notice

19. Interesting hiding spot choice, but the color of the blanket gave him away

20. Curtains definitely provide better cover than blankets.

What do you think of these kids’ hiding spots? Aren’t they adorable? Share and comment your thoughts bellow.

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