This 10-Year-Old Saved The Day By Doing Something That Kids Are Not Allowed To Do!

10 year old Christopher Wheeler was proclaimed for hero by the Alabama officers, after his quick reaction saved lots of lives last Thursday.

He was in the car with Alfred Smith, his 70 year old neighbor, when the older man got into pain from a diabetic episode. (It was the same with a truck driver in Nebraska).

“He became ill and he was swerving over the street,” Wheeler recalled to Alabama’s WSFA. “He began getting sweaty and he needed a piece of candy.”

Specialist Eric Salvador saw as the car started dangerously driving between three paths. He started chasing the auto and unsuccessfully attempted to stop the driver.

The young boy was terrified but figured out how to press on the brake and pull the vehicle over. Salvador caught up to the vehicle, followed by Senior Trooper Lee Walls, and both were surprised by Wheeler’s intuition, which saved his own and Smith’s life.

“Without his help, they would have crashed off into other automobile. I think that he saved many lives out there “said Salvador.”I’ve been in law administration for 8 years and I have never seen something like this before.”

The Alabama Law Department shared a picture of Agent Salvador, posing with Wheeler and Trooper Walls with short comment about the incredible agony on Facebook.

The photo was shared about 13,000 times in less than a week.

“Today around the afternoon, an Investigator with the Attorney General’s Office watched a car weaving unreasonably on I-65 near exit 181. The Investigator attempted to stop the car which neglected to yield. An Alabama State Trooper helped and the car in the end stopped on AL 14 near Browns Road. The Investigator and Trooper found that the driver was experiencing a diabetic scene. It was found that a 10 year old kid passenger had driven the car to safety and applied the brakes to stop the car,” says the Facebook post from March 24.

“The kid’s actions might have rescued the driver’s life, his own life, and the lives of others. The Trooper gave the driver some candies as emergency personnel arrived. The driver was transported to a local clinic center. The Trooper took the kid, who was very hungry, to a nearby fast food restaurant for a meal as they waited for family members to arrive. Millbrook Police and Fire Rescue helped with the incident. Extraordinary job to all included!”

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