This Airman Just Did The Proposal Of The Decade!

Ben Dellucca has proposed to his love one on her return from her deployment. Little did she know is that he had already asked for a blessing from her family and they have granted it, so he was anticipating her arrival.

To make the suspense greater, Ben said to Robin, his girlfriend that he would be unable to attend her return and although it made her accept she accepted it. They are both airmen for the U.S. and understood that service to the country is as important as the relationship and bond they share.

Yet, Ben decided to make the surprise and proceeded to wait for his girlfriend on the bottom of the escalator as she returned from deployment. When he met her, he was already on one of his knees with a ring in his hand. She accepted and the reaction will melt your hearts.

It is amazing to see his confidence in a moment as important as this, and what’s even more unexpected is how well he planned the arrangement. Great effort from Ben, we are happy for him and Robin and wish them a great life together.

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