This Baby Wants His Lollipop. What Happens Next Has Them Both Laughing!

When you heard the expression, “It’s something like stealing sweet from an infant,” that means something was truly simple to do. However, what about that isn’t true… what about that stealing is a little bit difficult? This small baby sees her sibling’s lollipop and chooses she needs it. Watch the video bellow to see what she does.

Instead, we should all start using this expression: “It is like when an infant is taking sweet from you.” This is very charming to not get on.

Furthermore, when her sibling tries to take the lollipop back, she is not having it. She won’t give him a chance to take it and when he at last does, she takes it right back!

That person who whoever thought of that age-old expression had likely never met this infant.

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