This Cat Is Not Just A Cat To These Kids…But An Older Loving Sibling!

This is Toco, a Japanese cat. He has been inseparable from his owners and ever since his owner’s children were born, Toco has not left their sight.

They are growing together and spending each moment in each other’s embrace.

Even when sleeping, Toco doesn’t leave the children alone.

He is the perfect cuddling companion anyone can ask for. Look at how adorable this picture is.

They are mimicking each other’s sleeping position.

The babies love playing with Toco.

He has the most adorable look.

Sitting in boxes.

All 4 of them happy together.

Building a fort for Toco.

More naps and cuddles.

Toco going for a walk.

Toco just loves to cuddle.

And sleep through playtime.

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