This Dad Just Showed The World The Best Cleaning Hack There Is!

Drying your clothes in the sun can be almost impossible especially if you are living in a country with a cold climate. This is why having a functional dryer is important. When you see that the filter needs cleaning you might not always be correct because this little piece of advice will show you something different.

While we are taught to believe that if you can see through the filter then it must be clean however this man shows us in a video that it is not true at all. After pouring some water on the dryer filter the water formed a puddle which is a sign that there is residue of fabric softener. Even though it looks clean, it is not yet there. All you have to do however is to run it through water under the sink and it will be good as new. Use a brush to remove the excess fabric softener and then a dry towel to remove the water so that you could use it again. Very simple and effective.

This removes the risk of blowing the fuse on the heat regulator by simply cleaning the filter manually once a month.

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