This Dad Was In Tears, After His Son Did This To Him!

Everybody needs their friends and family to be close when they celebrate their birthday. (I need that!)

But, David Simmons’ father was ready to blow out his candles without his child close by. His son David is working in Germany, and he realized his child would not be able to join the celebrations that are occurring in California. But he wasn’t right!

His father didn’t know that David was planning his return for six months. Because he time-off from work, he wanted to surprise his dad on his birthday. And I know that is the best present his father could ever wish.

His parents came to the airport from Sacramento and they were waiting to meet the other family members in San Diego. David was in the trunk of a car and when his dad opened the trunk he surprised him.

Certainly, his father has no idea that someone is going to surprise him. Just look at his cute reaction that will make you smile (same as a military father surprises his child at school).

You can watch that moment on this video!

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