This Group Of Teens Is Making Everyone Proud With Their Decision To Make A Difference!

Just take a look at Huntington Park in Los Angeles, you will notice one thing: there isn’t much shade. The trees are pretty sparse for a park. People doesn’t imagine that when they think of a park. And other thing is that it’s in a low-income community where residents don’t make lots of money, so it’s going to stay that way.

All of that could change soon thanks to a few dedicated teens and an organization called Tree People. The organization provides equipment and trains people of all ages to plant trees. This allowed Andrea Calderon to feel like she could make a change in her community even the fact that her family doesn’t have money.

“We don’t have a lot of money because we come from a low-income community. We cannot give a financial contribution, but with much dedication and hard work, we can impact the community,” she told.

Something as simple and basic should be reserved as a public park with trees shouldn’t be reserved for the wealthy. Everyone will be able to enjoy the park thanks to Andrea and her friends, and all of the beautiful, tall trees that will grow there because of their hard work.

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