This Is The Most Touching Stand Up To Cancer Tribute Ever!

One of the most upsetting and frustrating words to hear is cancer. In every person, it causes different reaction based on your experience.

Tragically, odds are you know somebody who has fought cancer. It is terrible when somebody you cherish loses their fight. That’s not fair. Why anyone, why them? You can read the science on numerous sorts of cancer and attempt to make sense of it, but it will never make you better.

Stand up to cancer, abbreviated SU2C, is attempting to quicken the battle against cancer by getting funding to figure out how to beat all types of disease. You’ve most likely seen their advertisements featuring a wide range of famous people, like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

Last night, at the All-Star MLB, SU2C had surprise tribute and performance. Rachel Platten sang her popular hit, “Fight Song”, which you have most likely heard numerous times. The melody on its own is capable and touching. But, individuals in the group and the baseball players and officials were all holding signs with the names of the individuals they know influenced by cancer. Reading every one of those names and seeing all of their faces, plus the song, made me cry!

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