This Is Why You Should Never Tell Your Daughters “He’s Only Mean Because He Likes You”

This is a misconception that is surprising to see in our modern day. Associating love with being hurtful and inconsiderate is a bad notion and simply shouldn’t keep a space in modern society. Because of this, a lot of children end up being bullied and annoyed and cunselor and parents tend to brush it off by saying “oh, they like you.” That does not justify bad behavior.

young girl crying because of headache


These are some things you should consider before condoning such behavior:

Abusive behavior is not a synonym for love and affection

Because to those who abuse, only take without giving anything positive in return, whereas love means giving respect and acts of kindness without a hidden agenda

When you allow someone to be abusive due to the claim that they like this person, you are condoning negative behavior which should otherwise be addressed.

Not all friendships have a romantic aspect attached to them

Because they are of different genders it will not always mean that there is a romantic interest to the child’s agenda. This promotes a certain inequality and give children the permission to be inconsiderate without a need for reprimand

Negative attention doesn’t require provocaiton

Someone can act badly to someone else without a cause or a provocation, and most of the time this is what tends to be the case. As a parent or a counselor, one should always listen and evaluate the story equally.

Not addressing bad behavior hurts the bully and the victim

Boundaries are important when teaching kids the importance of social interaction in a positive manner. If someone is allowed to harm and bring negative attention to others, then they should know that what they are doing is bad whereas the victim should know that nothing could make that okay. This is the kind of behavior we should aspire to in order to prevent wrongful actions pass by unadressed

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