This Silly Dog Is Singing Along With His Owner!

Maximus’s owner began to notice that when anybody would sing in his home, he would begin to sing along with them! Or, howl together with them. So he wanted to catch Maximus’ singing abilities on tape. What’s more, fortunately for us, he did! If this German Shepard’s lovely performing voice doesn’t get you through the evening, I don’t know what will. Watch the video to hear these two part harmony for yourself.

Max’s proprietor begins by singing Eduard Khil’s popular melody “Trolololo” (which is fundamentally similar to the Russian Rickroll for anybody new to the trolling song and meme) for his puppy to listen. Max looks intrigued, but not very much.

Rapidly, as the song advances, Max’s ears begin to perk up, his head begins to lift, and he begins to look very interested. He looks like he can feel the music.

At the end, we hear his little bark. It begins off discreetly, yet around 25 seconds into the video it truly picks up! Firstly, I had no clue where the sound was originating from, yet then Max gives his head back and truly begins to participate with his proprietor!

Max looks like a very talented dog.


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