This Silly Invention Is Something You Just Can’t Miss!

When you look at this thing, you will probably think this is an old hammock. But if you look better, you will see this hammock is very different – also this hammock is a hot tub. This “Hydro Hammock” is a portable hot tub, and not only a portable hammock. There is bubbling water and relaxing steam too. Watch this video to see this amazing product in action.

This hot tub/hammock is made out of acrylic canvas and fixed with silicone – so your hot water doesn’t go spilling out. It can hold 50 gallons of water and two adult people, which is amazing to us.

You can purchase this product either a single or a double size. The single costs just about $360, but you need to buy the water heater separately.

For someone it is expensive, but some may say that the money is not important when you’re discussing about the experience of having a hot tub wherever you need. No place and no sort of conditions are forbidden for this Hydro Hammock. You can put your hot tub hammock in the sand, set it up in a field some place, and even in the snow.


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