This Social Experiment Shows Just How Dangerous It Is To Text And Drive!

In this world there are two types of individuals:

  1. Individuals who are texting and driving
  2. Individuals who are concerning while another individual is texting and driving

Finely said, messaging and driving is one of the most foolish — scratch that — FOOLISH mistake that individuals under 25 remain to make. Every day

Why is it so foolish? Individuals die. That is the reason.

Actually, when you reach for your telephone to check whether that adorable boy or lady has answered you, in fact, you’re increasing your possibility of crashing. How much? Four times! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: utilizing your telephone while driving expands your possibilities of crashing by four times! We know that you love them; but they’re not worth crashing the auto for.

Alright? Your life and other people’s lives are much more important than that text.

So, PULL OVER if you want to text.

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