This Video Explains Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness!

Is the grass constantly greener… or not? Nima Raoofi of Adelaide, Australia made this unbelievable MAPS Movie School Production, named “My Shoes.” In less than minutes, this “fable of life’s appearances” tells the story of two boys from absolutely opposite backgrounds. One kid is poor. His clothes are tattered, his face dirty and his shoes are cracked and very old. When he meets a rich kid — whose shoes are stylish and perfect — the poor kid is given the chance to switch the places and continue his life as an ordinary child.

Envy washes over the poor kid, and he makes a wish: “I like to be similar to him!” In a moment, the two young boys switch places.

But it wasn’t everything as it seems. Just wait for the end…

Since this video was published on YouTube in 2013, it has been seen almost 5 million times, and that is because it packs such an unpredicted shot. The end of this short movie announces a message that will leave you without words.

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