Two Amazing Kids Show Off Their Incredible Ballet Dancing Talents!

Every individual on Earth has an extraordinary ability that they’re sharing to the entire world. Some of them are hard workers, others quick readers, some are incredible at picking up music, and some are just astounding at the art of dance.

For some individuals, discovering their special abilities can take many years, but for those “old souls” who want to find their special ability at a youthful age, you can’t resist to feel a bit nervous and also awestruck at their incredible talents!

These two children in the video are clearly old souls. 12 year old Joziah German and 11 year old Avery Gay have not been on this Earth long, but when Steve Harvey asks them about their future objectives and plans, their answers are truly incredible to listen to.

Except their answers, we are surprised how talented they are. You can watch these talented kids in the video bellow.

Steve Harvey asked Joziah German and Avery Gay – ballet dancers to perform on his famous show Little Big Shots. Both of the children were very polite and respectful, and when Steve asks Joziah about her future plans…

The reaction left Steve completely shocked. In all the years he’s been on TV, he has not heard a child say something like that!

After the humorous little meeting is over, the twosome gets in front of an audience. Not just are the costumes lovely to look at, but even the lighting and background work are extremely wonderful to behold. This live audience watched a very special performance that night!

All of a sudden the lights flash on, the Swan Lake music starts to play, and these two shows exactly why so many individuals are so awed by their raw ability!

Not just do both of them have the technical and physical capacities, but even their faces indicate exactly how deep they’re into this moment. They’re not thinking of something else all through this performance, which is hard for even the most professional dancers to do.

These two could without much of a stretch have an astonishing future in dancing, if that is what they wanted in life!

The piece ends very soon, however some of the jumps and spins that the two pulled off were really great and effortless. Everybody needs to watch these beautiful video featuring two lovely children!

See the wonderful dance below if you think all kids should pursue their dreams!

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