Watch What This Baby Does Every Time She Sees a Phone! So Funny!

Now when selfie is very popular, we’re accustomed to seeing individuals pose in front of mobile phone .The most popular selfie pose to date? The shameful “duck face.” And while we would all be able to know the “duck face” (and can undoubtedly make fun of the signature selfie frown on sign) the last individual you would expect to perceive the “duck face” is somebody who’s not old enough to get the idea of a selfie. Principally, an infant. Not the situation! When this small girl is brought in front of the mobile phone, she knows precisely what to do. Watch the video to see her cute reaction.

Is this a future Instagram star?

The move from adorable, unwitting infant to moment selfie expert is so quick! He holds the camera up and – boom! She postures. It’s amazingly adorable.

But, this makes me a little worry for the next generation… evidently play time will involved “How to Take the Perfect Selfie” instructions. Instructed and doubtlessly, by this cute small girl.

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