Wedding Guest ‘Objects’ To Couple’s Union In This Funny Comedy Bit!

These days, traditional habits are completely changed. A wedding isn’t only a wedding any longer: it’s an event for the couple to demonstrate whatever they can do and everything they can be. Varieties of surprises are included into weddings and the guests can witness something from a popular flash mob during the event to a fabulously dance performed and choreographed by the bride and the groom!

But untrue interferences and objections are turning out to be much more popular. This couple held their wedding ceremony in an area that was the ideal setting for a sword battle: a guest wanted the spouse only for himself, and sent one of his relatives to battle the bridegroom for her! Obviously, the setup was unreal, but was extraordinarily exiting for every one of the weeding guests.

This couple had almost similar idea, but with a comedic turn! The fake contention was loaded with smart jokes that had the group laughing. Furthermore, with marvelous acting, these two truly nailed it!

Look how the priest asks the guests if there are any disagreements to the couple’s union, and one person gets up and walks down the aisle to stand up in front the bridegroom. He doesn’t take this challenge gently when the man says that the bride loves him, and that she’s being enforced into the marriage.

You can watch the entire clip to see how this problem was resolved.

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