What This Veteran Just Said Changed Two Lives Completely!

This family is blessed with something that may sound like it’s directly from a story book – a long lost sibling. Jessica and Bryan Fairbanks were besides their father on his deathbed when he revealed that they have a half-brother which was born while their father was stationed in Germany during his service to the army.

Then, on February 20th 2016 Jessica has made a post on her Facebook with all the information she has about her brother asking for help finding him. Then, less than 48 hours later, she had received an email from her long lost half-brother.

This is truly incredible to see how the internet and social media have helped a family reunite together. Now they are talking and hopefully will meet each other for the first time. For their entire lives, both of them were completely unaware of each other’s existence. Their father’s wish finally come true to have his family united.

Steven, the half-brother has a son who was named Bryan coincidentally, and both families shared everything about each other in hopes of catching up. We are happy that they are finally united and wish them all the luck.

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