White Peacock Puts Her Gorgeous Tail On Display!

Peacocks are traditionally associated with their emerald green and royal blue feathers, and these lovely birds are just incredible when totally stripped of its coloring. Known as an “albino” peacock, the white peacock in this video shows off her wonderful tail. The outcome is a delicate, eccentric and practically skeletal like sight for the eyes.

The brilliant bird you are going to meet lacks colorful feathers because she is missing a pigment. This peacock’s eyes are blue and a true “albino” peacock would have reddish eyes. This peacock has a genetic modification called “leucism” which causes a lessening in color which, in peafowl, causes a complete absence of pigment in plumage yet leaves her with blue eyes.

I was amazed when she spreads her tail and twist around. As indicated by Tree Hugger, every feather consists of a huge number of flat branches, each with microscopic bowl formed indentations. At the base of every indentation is a lamellae (slight plate like layers), that acts like a pyramid, splitting light. It’s the same concept for hummingbirds and butterflies.

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