WOW! This New Reporter Just Had A Stroke On Air!

Often, viewers will be treated to the unexpected when reporters do a live feed. Reporters would like to have complete control of their surrounding, but they can’t. So, there is always something in those broadcasts. While the reporter tries to keep a straight face and get their story in, viewers just get to see idiots in the background mugging for the camera. But this time, something else shows up on camera.

An award-winning reporter, Serene Branson, had done lots of live reports in her career. But she will remember to one broadcast for the rest of her life.

Before the Grammy Awards in 2011, Serene remembers having a bad headache. Before the report, her thoughts were disordered and could barely speak. But she gathered herself and went on the air. It was clear that something was not good from the start.

She knew what she wanted to say, but couldn’t get her words out. People would accuse her of being drunk or on drugs, but Serene suffered from a complex migraine. It wasn’t stroke like some people thought. A complex migraine can affect women up to 75%. When her producer realized something was wrong, he immediately pulled her off-camera and called ambulance.

Watch the video to see Serene’s reaction while seeing the video for the first time.

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