Your About To See The Most Beautiful Darn Moth In The World!

If anybody asks me, there are two groups of insects: awful and fascinating. But when it comes to the insect you are about to meet, I would say the opposite is true. Get ready to be amazed by the Dryocampa Rubicunda known as the Rosy maple Moth. This moth is the most colorful and fascinate in the whole world.

Rosy Maple Moths are famous for their adorable, fluffy bodies and perfect yellowy white/rose/ pink coloration. They are found across numerous eastern states, as far south as the Gulf Coast and as far west as Texas (which is insane to me, because I haven’t been lucky enough to see one of these). They may be hard to find because of their modest aura, however any individual who has been sufficiently lucky to meet a Rosy Moth —which would happen between the May to August — admits it is an amazing sight to see.

Mother Nature really surpassed us this time…

Considering them to be recently incubated eggs, you would never know the individuals inside will eventually transform into something so magnificent…

…Awesome Rosy Maple Moth shows beauty and grows into beautiful butterfly right after caterpillar phase.

Rosy Maple Moth is the most wonderful bug on the planet just because of its fluffy pink and yellow torso.

These insects with observable shading can be viewed by their fans only in a nighttime because

Rosy Maple Moths live everywhere throughout the eastern United States, including Texas, Florida and Minnesota. They might be seen flying during the night time in the sky from May to August.

Some people say the gorgeous moth looks simply like a Battenberg cake, a sponge cake covered in a box with a pink and yellow check design inside. See the resemblance?

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