3 Apps to Help You Beat The Heat (the law, fuzz, cops, sharks…)

Got a lead foot? Getting a ticket from a sneaky cop with a radar gun sucks. Here are a few apps that will help avoid unwanted contact with the uncool men in blue.

Give A Garmin

Photo: Caranddriver
Garmin’s smartphone app is a navigation tool first and foremost. Which makes sense, considering that Garmin has always been associated with top-flight global-positioning-system receivers. But this app isn’t a one-trick pony: Users can submit speed-trap and red-light-camera locations, painting a useful picture entitled “Stuff to Watch Out For.”

What It Costs:
$49.99 via iTunes store.

Cobra I-Radar

Photo: Caranddriver

Cobra’s iRadar is geared toward saving you from friendly roadside chats with smokey—or from cold, impersonal, mailed tickets from camera smokeys. It can link up with a Cobra detector to transform your mobile device into a display for the unit’s alerts and warnings, while simultaneously handling basic navigation functions.

What It Costs:
Free via Google Play and iTunes stores.

Escort Live

Photo: Caranddriver
This handy app provides speed-trap and red-light-camera alerts. Escort preloads known radar and red-light-camera locations, and the crowd handles the rest. Basic navigation is included, but a premium-access plan brings real-time alerts, speed-limit info, and integration with Escort radar-detector units.

What It Costs:
$4.99 via Google Play and iTunes stores (premium access, $49.99 a year).