5 Stunning Images of Volcanic Eruption in Chile

It’s not everyday we get to watch a volcano blow its top and threaten the lives of a town but thats what happened yesterday in Calbuco,Chile. It resident volcano came to life and has erupted twice in the past day, sending emergency services into action. Roughly 4,000 citizens from nearby cities and villages have been evacuated and just over the border, the Argentinian authorities have warned their citizens about volcanic ash.

The volcano overlooks Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas, which have a combined population of roughly 250,000 people. The volcano has been dormant since 1972, and during that time massive growth has pushed the towns very close to the volcano.

Calbuco is known as a composite volcano, or a stratovolcano. These are best known for having explosive eruptions like the infamous Krakatoa, Mt.Vesuvius and Mount Saint-Helens.

Luckily we live in a day and age where lives can be saved and events are well documented. Check out some of the amazing photos that have made their way onto social media.