Beyonce and Nicki Minaj Gifs to Feast Your Eyes Upon

Queen Bey and Nicki The Reigning Queen of Rap Minaj love giving their fans exactly what they’re dreaming of, and Friday night in Paris was something really special.

Beyonce released a remix of her hit song “Flawless” featuring everyone’s favorite female MC Nicki Minaj, and she joined her on the last leg of her On the Run Tour in Paris. She came out unannounced, and it came as a surprise even though there were rumors floating around that Nicki might make a quick appearance to grace the concert goers with her verse from the Flawless remix.

Even if you weren’t there and you wish you would have been, you can somewhat experience what it might have been like to see Nicki Minaj join Beyonce on stage. There are definitely plenty of photos, videos and gifs to make it up to you!


Beyonce calls Nicki Minaj by her given name, “Onika”, like she’s summoning a powerful entity onto the stage with her…

…and out she comes with the sound of the deafening screams from the crowd. In some videos, you can barely hear Nicki’s verse because everyone is screaming so loud. But who wouldn’t be screaming at a time like that?

“I score before I ever throw the ball.”

The strange coincidence about the whole thing, is how Nicki seemed to have predicted the moment a few years ago on her album “Pink Friday”. In a song on the album called “Girls Fall Like Dominoes”, there’s a lyric that says “I’m out in Paris mothafucka with Beyoncé”.

Nicki acknowledges the coincidence:

“I’m out in Paris, mudafuka, Wit Beyonce!” ~ coincidence? Or something else? God heard me? What? The queen, could never thank you enough.”

You can watch this whole part of the performance on YouTube.