Kanye West and His Recent Social Faux Pas

Rapper Kanye West was recently in Sydney Australia, where he was putting on a concert. Everyone knows that Kanye is a little arrogant to say the least, especially when it comes to his fans showing their support during his performances. This time, he took it a little too far and ended up committing a very insensitive faux pas against a disabled person. The worst part is, he hasn’t yet apologized or even acknowledged it.

Source Tumblr

You can watch the video of the incident here on YouTube. The concert took place on September 12th 2014. He stops the performance to interact with his cheering fans, and get people even more pumped, just like any other good performer would. That seemed to be his only intention. In usual Kanye West fashion, he takes it a little too far.

“I’m sorry,” he starts as he walks forward and the cheers start to die down a little, “I can’t do this song until everybody stands up.”

This is a usual request for anybody putting on a concert. He wants the crowd to get involved and show some more love. Most of the time, however, “everybody” doesn’t need to mean literally every single person in the audience.

He looks around to see that in fact, everyone is standing. The audience also gets in on the “everybody stand up!” craze across the stadium, and the urge everyone around them to stand, so Kanye will go on with the show.

West then seems to casually jokingly ask if the one person he sees sitting is in a wheelchair. When no one actually confirms this, he scoffs and the audience starts booing and chanting “stand up”. There are then two people who aren’t standing. Instead of just going on with the show, he stands awkwardly and then remarks “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do this song.”

When they do confirm that the person sitting actually is in a wheelchair, Kanye, as if suddenly embarrassed by holding off the song so long, finally starts the song. There was no apology or mention of it after that.

Way to be insensitive, Kanye. Maybe next time he won’t be so adamant about every single person standing up during his song?