These Prisons Will Make You Want to be Arrested. Seriously.

The Lush Vacation Life Found of Prisons.

The United States has the highest percentage of its population serving time in jail or prison. The statistics for United States jails are eye opening. Newsweek reports that there are more jails than colleges in the U.S. and that half of the world’s prison population of approximately 9 million people is held in the U.S., Russia or China.

American prisons, as depicted on popular television shows are cold, dark and very sterile. Most of our glimpses inside of prison walls show a rough, unenjoyable existence. At lease that was my perception. So I was surprised to hear that more than five U.S. prisons made this video list of World’s Most Luxurious Prisons.

This video features prisons across the world that are relatively comfortable, or even luxurious.

Some of the prison cells are very similar to modern day college dormitories and others are can be easily compared to luxury vacation cottages. Complete with leather couches and well constructed beds, there is little to be desired in the way of a bedroom.

In south america one prison is more comparable to a nightclub. There are endless late night dance parties and drugs at the disposal of the inmates. Overnight visitations of family and friends is encouraged. Other than armed guards, there is little indication that it is actually a jail.

Many of the prisons offer education and are free of barred windows. The minimal security approach is adapted, making the prisons looking more like college campuses than home to hardened criminals.

The available recreation at some of these prisons is more than many people hope to enjoy in a lifetime. There is swimming and yoga, access to personal fitness trainers. One prison listed allows inmates to ride on horseback. Team sports are often and enjoyable form of pass time and it appears that guards and inmates play side by side.

Watch, and get a glimpse inside these beautiful facilities. Its sure to have you rethinking your perception of what it is like to be locked up.