Zues – the Blind Owl With Galaxy Eyes

Source Wildlifelearningcenter.com

Imagine walking out onto your porch and finding a little owl. If this wasn’t already remarkable enough, you look at his big owl eyes and see not pupils, but what looks like stars, galaxies and constellations against a dark blue background. That’s how little Zues was found, and now he’s the most famous owl on the internet. Even more famous than these guys:

Source Imgur

Instead of being terrifying and looking slightly demonic, Zues looks like he came straight out of a fairy tale. The ironic thing, is that he’s totally blind. He can no longer see the night sky, but his eyes closely resemble what you would see on a clear night away from the city.

The poor guy was discovered when he hit his head against the side of a house in Sylmar, California. He now lives at the Wildlife Learning Center there in Sylmar. Seeing as how he can’t see and likely can’t really take care of himself, Zues has a permanent home, there, where he is safe and well taken care of.

Even though his eyes look magical, there’s of course a medical explanation for the way they look. The “stars” are the result of fibrin and blood pigment clots, which were caused from conjunctivitis, according to the Wildlife Learning Center’s website.

Zues is described as having a calm and peaceful personality, but he’s still curious and brave. He has a stuffed owl friend and loves hanging out with humans. People have been coming to see little Zues, and he loves perching on the hands of anyone who wants to hold him. His favorite things to eat are mice and meal worms, and you can view Zues from the Wildlife Learning Center’s gift shop.